Consulting Services

NextWave possesses a solid team of expertise for mission critical systems, high performance infrastructure and all measure of data security and investigations. We have learned to built, collaborate and manifest them over the years. Pulling the best resource to help our clients and partner identify and define their problems. Our trainers are practitioners with vast years of technology design and deployment. They size the requirements and act on integrating themselves at clients’ setup then mapped to fit.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team complements the company’s mission as value added security distributor, by offering services to help our partner in managing their information security infrastructure. Comprises of security consultants with experience in multiple background beside computer security, like system administration and network engineering, as well as application development, our team offers their expertise and professionalism in assisting our clients.

We closely follow well-known information security best practices, standards, and regulation, allowing adoption and implementation of these proven measures to improve security. Our services are designed to cover the complete aspects of managing information security infrastructure in an organization.

Support Services

NextWave realizes the importance of supporting our partners and customers wherever they are and whenever they experience problems with any of our solutions. Our support organization is fielded with skilled and experienced Specialists that allows quick and accurate resolution of problems encountered. We extensively monitor any reported problems and ensure that they are resolved at earliest possible time.

We offer several support services to address different needs: Telephone and Internet Support: Partners and customers can contact our support team through telephone or email. It is a standard support method provided during office hour (8 X 5). If required, partner and customers can subscribe to 24 X 7 support services that provide around the clock support response.

On-Site Support: Some problems may not be solved without physically visiting the site and perform the analysis and resolution. We offer 8 X 5 and 24 X 7 services, where we will send our Specialists on site to directly handle problems encountered.

Advance Replacement: Many times, problems occurred and could not be resolved without changing or repairing the hardware components, which could cause disruption on the daily operation. We offer 8 X 5 and 24 X 7 services to temporary replace customers’ hardware allowing continuous operation.