ScienceLogic Products Overview

ScienceLogic’s solution is an all-in-one IT monitoring software product, comprehensive and complete in a single, unified platform. Unlike some companies, we do not sell you a la carte, piecemeal selections. To help you understand the many powerful components of our solution, we have broken out descriptions of features and capabilities that other companies call (and sell) as individual products:

Application Monitoring

ScienceLogic EM7 provides holistic monitoring of all your applications, using a variety of methods—web response, actual transactions, application health on the server, database queries, etc.—to collect detailed application metrics. Our application monitoring software solution covers all the infrastructure components that make up application service delivery. From the applications themselves to the correlating database, network, and storage resources, and the physical or virtual servers and OS on which the applications run, we give you a complete picture of application availability, health, performance, and risk, all in concert with your SLAs and business policies.

The ScienceLogic solution’s is automatic and simple, applying best-practices-based management templates for leading applications (email, collaboration, VoIP, spam, video conferencing, etc.)right out-of-the-box so you can start monitoring immediately to obtain necessary metrics and reporting. For your business's homegrown applications and business-specific policies and service levels, you can customize management templates to collect KPIs and availability metrics using a variety of data collection methods — including SNMP, SOAP/XML, SQL and dynamic application snippets, which allows for the use of custom scripts for multi-step/multi-processing data collection or non-standard access.

Sample of supported vendors/services

  • Email monitoring, including Microsoft’s MS Exchange
  • Apache Web server software
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • BlueCat Networks IP Address Management (IPAM), DHCP, and DNS software, appliances, and solutions
  • Microsoft SharePoint content management system
  • Domain name monitoring
  • And much more

  • Network Monitoring

    ScienceLogic EM7 network monitoring and management capabilities help you maximize availability and optimize performance of the network by suppressing alarms, de-duping events, and reducing false positives and overall “noise.” A consolidated network monitoring system for all your heterogeneous network devices, the single platform solution automates network device information collection, including identification and tracking of business-critical trends and key performance indicators. ScienceLogic’s network monitoring software solution measures utilization, errors, discards, and dozens of other metrics, and uses embedded management templates and knowledge bases for leading vendors for accurate assessments. The resulting detailed analysis provides end-to-end network monitoring and management for your entire infrastructure, including monitoring of applications, systems, and performance analysis.

    ScienceLogic’s insightful, comprehensive dashboards show server health, application performance, network metrics, service level stats, and hardware profiles, including processors, disks, memory, and installed components. Our dashboards bring to life CPU usage, interface utilization, network latency, errors, discards, file system utilization, and much more. The ScienceLogic network monitoring and management solution provides an inventory of your entire network by reviewing all interfaces on each network device, the IP addresses in use, MAC addresses, and interface speeds. The solution also builds a topology map of connected devices and gathers performance statistics about each. A single central view into your entire infrastructure, with comprehensive trend graphics and detailed reporting of usage and metrics, gives real-time insight that keeps you in total control of your network, end-to-end.

    Key Benefits & Features

  • Application and system usage monitoring, combined with network monitoring views
  • Powerful visual dashboards
  • Network performance management
  • Fault prevention and capacity planning
  • Events and alerts at the granular level
  • Real-time reporting on device performance and availability
  • Asset and hardware inventory any time
  • Mapping per device group
  • Multiple agents possible on a single node through sophisticated credentialing

  • Server Monitoring

    ScienceLogic EM7 delivers comprehensive all-in-one server monitoring, and optimizes the performance and availability of all applications running on your systems while minimizing service disruptions for your users. Using out-of-the-box monitoring policies based on vendor best practices or your own custom-built ones, you can view key events and performance metrics across any number or types of operating systems. At-a-glance dashboard views of system health and performance with associated events and tickets with device summaries help you manage multiple operating systems on your network.

    Employing scheduled and on-demand automated discovery sessions, ScienceLogic models and visualizes all the physical and virtual servers running on the network by identifying the server make, model, manufacturer, and what is running (OS, applications, databases, etc.) and applying the correct management template. Topology maps, and hundreds of out-of-the-box reports, such as Device Availability, Device by Monitored Service, Device Top Utilization, Device Utilization Trend, custom reports, and more, give you perfect vision and insight. ScienceLogic provides support and compatibility for third party hardware agents (Dell OpenManage, IBM Director, HP Insight Manager, MS Windows, etc.), for open source agents (UCD-SNMP and NET-SNMP), and for multiple credentials to collect data from multiple agents. Automated inventory of installed software (including Windows service packs and hot-fixes), running processes and services, and open TCP ports is integrated with run book automation features for quick and simple remediation or easy third-party systems integration.

    Key Benefits & Features

  • Holistic monitoring of multiple operating systems
  • Systems management and monitoring integrated with fault management, ticketing, and reporting
  • Base monitoring policies on vendor best practices or custom build them
  • Asset and hardware configuration monitoring
  • Virtualization monitoring for VMware, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and more
  • Support for leading server vendors: Dell, IBM, Cisco UCS, and HP
  • Support for leading OS vendors: Linux, HP-UX, Microsoft Windows, Oracle Solaris and SunOS, IBM AIX and z/OS, Apple Mac OS X, Novell Netware, and SCO OpenServer and SCO Unix

  • Service Monitoring

    The ScienceLogic EM7 service level monitoring is much more than simply reporting on the performance, availability, and risk of specific components. Our all-in-one solution lets you monitor and manage any combination of IT resources as an overall service, including all the processes and procedures needed to support business directives and meet customer needs. We give you the functionality to manage multiple SLAs and implement a variety of IT service management disciplines, from fault detection to workflow and task management. Whether you're a service provider monitoring bandwidth for individual billing and reporting or an enterprise varying designated IT service levels across business departments, ScienceLogic provides the features and intelligence necessary to support your IT service level monitoring in virtual, physical, and cloud environments.

    The ScienceLogic solution delivers unlimited service level metrics, expanding your ability to discover, classify, monitor, and manage an IT service across on-premise and cloud-based resources. Service monitoring dashboards enable you to view health, availability, and risk for the IT services that matter to the business, with high-level views across diverse services and granular data for in-depth service diagnostics. The comprehensive and customizable displays provide real-time situation awareness that you can check anytime, day or night, from your tablet or mobile device using ScienceLogic's HTML5 Web-based user interface. Also included is a powerful rules engine for service membership that lets you define the service once, and thereafter have it automatically adjust as components move across dynamically provisioned data centers and cloud infrastructures.

    Key Benefits & Features

  • Monitor and manage any combination of IT resources as an overall service
  • View granular end-to-end service level performance
  • View status, health, and risk at a glance on dashboards
  • Manage small to large and simple to complex services
  • Powerful trouble isolation tools integrated into the dashboard in a comprehensive intuitive workflow
  • Automatic trouble tickets creation
  • Situational awareness for the service desk

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