Login VSI Products Overview

Login VSI provides proactive performance management solutions for virtualized desktop and server environments. Enterprise IT departments use Login VSI products in all phases of their virtual desktop deployment—from planning to deployment to change management—for more predictable performance, higher availability and a more consistent end user experience.

Login VSI

Login VSI: Successfully predict, validate and manage the performance of centralized virtualized desktop environments

Login VSI makes it easy to load test, benchmark and plan capacity for even the most complex virtualized desktop environments. End user experience and productivity are key in any virtualized desktop environment. Login VSI tests performance using virtual users, so your real users benefit from consistently great performance.

  • Predict the performance impact of necessary updates and upgrades
  • Know the maximum user capacity of your current infrastructure
  • Understand the end users’ perspective on performance
  • With agentless installation and minimal infrastructure requirements, Login VSI works in any Windows-based virtualized desktop environment including VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services).

    Find hidden performance problems

    Change is constant in every hosted virtual desktop environment, and with every change there is a risk the environment will behave unexpectedly. Using Login VSI gives you confidence that you will find application and desktop performance issues before your end users do. Further, you will maximize the performance of your current infrastructure.

    Simplify performance testing

    Load testing used to be complicated, time-consuming and difficult to scale in large production environments. However, Login VSI makes it easy for organizations to quickly set up and integrate in even the most complex environments. Turn-key yet customizable workloads, agentless installation and minimal infrastructure requirements mean you can be testing within hours.

    Predict capacity changes

    Software, hardware and security updates are constant. No other load testing or monitoring product will tell you what capacity you may expect or how it was different after a change. After every test, Login VSI will report when the maximum capacity was reached with the patent-pending VSImax calculation.

    Better allocate resources

    Login VSI enables you to test, compare and validate the performance of different software and hardware solutions in your unique environment. Through benchmarking, you can make educated and objective decisions on resource deployments and investments.

    Login VSI feature highlights

  • Turnkey workloads: Login VSI simulates workloads with realistic user behavior.
  • Workload customization: It is easy to customize workloads if required.
  • VSImax: VSImax provides a common language for interpreting and comparing performance test results.
  • Vendor agnostic: Login VSI works with every Windows-based virtualized desktop solution.
  • Easy to install and use: Login VSI does not require any special infrastructure and uses standard Windows-based hardware.
  • Multi-language support: Login VSI supports every Windows OS or Microsoft Office version in any language

  • Login PI

    Login PI: Real-World Performance Insights on Virtual Desktops

    Back in the day, coal miners would take a canary into mines with them as an early warning signal for toxic gases like carbon monoxide. The birds, being more sensitive, would become sick before the miners, who would then have a chance to escape or put on protective respirators. Login PI works like a canary in a coal mine for your centralized virtualized desktop environment – notifying administrators of outages or slow performance so they can correct them before users are impacted.

    Use Login PI to:

  • Monitor the end user experience, without affecting end-user productivity
  • Provide early warnings on performance, before they are experienced by end users
  • Regularly test and manage your virtualized desktop environment
  • Virtual desktop monitoring: It’s all about the user experience

    Existing monitoring tools can tell you what your CPU utilization is, or how many IOPS of throughput you’re getting from your storage. But those metrics don’t tell you what your users care about most: is their VDI desktop available and performing at an optimum level? Things like read-ahead caching may cause it to appear that a system is running at max capacity, but the user experience for workers on that system may still be acceptable. You can’t rely only on performance counters to know if a system is delivering a quality experience, you need a way to measure the full user experience.

    How does Login PI work?

    Login PI gives performance insights by simulating real users and real user tasks. The virtual user logs in and launches common applications, recording how long it takes for the tasks to complete. The system then watches for any large discrepancies in the results and can generate alerts based on those discrepancies. For example, if logging on normally takes seconds, but one day takes minutes, Login PI will notify an administrator that something is not working as expected in the environment.

    Performance reporting

    Login PI provides IT with charts to easily view the current login and application performance of their environment. These reports show the most recent results of the virtual user, allowing an administrator to compare them to historical results and see if the current end-user experience matches the expected results.


    When Login PI detects performance issues with the virtualized environment, it generates notifications in the admin console. IT gets notification of outages or slowdowns via the console and can start taking corrective action before users start calling the helpdesk.


    Out of the box, Login PI measures log-on times and application launch times for Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Adobe Reader. The workload can be customized to include other line of business apps for startup performance measurement.

    Extensible platform

    A key goal of Login PI is to provide connectors to communicate with commonly management and monitoring tools, so it’s not another console to monitor. The Login PI team will develop and release external connectors for some commonly used management consoles so PI notifications can be pushed to the consoles already in use in IT today.