Infoblox Products Overview

Infoblox products are built to meet the demands of the modern network. Designed to be highly available, secure, and automated, Infoblox offers enterprise-grade solutions for network control.

Secure DNS

It’s critical that the technology you deploy for network control provides maximum protection and offers minimum attack surface. Infoblox clearly differentiates from other vendors from a security perspective.

From our highly secure hardware form factor, to our hardened OS, to the variety of security features in our applications—no other network control vendor focuses more on security than Infoblox.

Network Services (DNS, DHCP, IPAM)

The Network Services and Management family of products enable companies to manage, control, and optimize DNS, DHCP, and other services. The product family leverages existing investments, paves the way to the cloud, and ensures network services uptime.

Hybrid Cloud and Virtualization

Private clouds are rapidly gaining traction because they enable agile and scalable delivery of IT services. Private clouds need automated and scalable core network services to rapidly add and remove applications and services, easily shift workloads across sites, run workloads in multi-tenant architectures and make the underlying networks resilient to failures.

Infoblox solutions for cloud provide automated core network services for virtual machines in the datacenter to improve IT agility, enable faster time to service, and reduce operating costs.

Network Automation

In addition to core network services (DDI) solutions – Infoblox also offers a complementary, powerful network automation platform which enables discovery, switch port management, network change configuration and compliance management for multi-vendor network devices.

Automation cuts down administrator workload and reduces risk of network outages due to improper configurations or changes.


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