Certes Networks Products Overview

Protect mission-critical data moving on any network without cutting capacity or creating management headaches.

Certes provides CryptoFlow VPNs that utilize network-layer and application-layer encryptors that protect networked applications in the LAN, WAN, in data centers, the Internet, the Cloud … in any networked domain, physical or virtual.

CryptoFlow App secures applications end-to-end, from an app server in your data center or Cloud to an end-point device based on user access rights.

CryptoFlow Net secures network segments and links. It includes the Certes Enforcement Point (CEP) appliances, from CEP-5 (5 Mbps) to CEP-10G (10 Gbps) and the Virtual Certes Enforcement Point (vCEP), a fully virtualized version of the encryptor.

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One and done security. No more management fragmentation. You never have to touch a firewall, or a router, or a switch, or an access concentrator, or an application, or anything else.

It’s simple and beautiful because now one person – you – can see and control all the encryption from end to end, for any application, for any user, on any device, over any network.

Certes Enforcement Point (CEP)

The Certes’ unique variable speed data encryption appliances enable you to match encryption throughput to your bandwidth needs.

Certes Enforcement Point (CEP) Variable Speed Encryption appliances will offload encryption processing from network devices and applications. Now your data in motion for any application can be secure and protected without compromising performance. Certes’ solutions are flexible and adaptable to provide tailored encryption for your targeted applications and networks, including IP encryption, Ethernet encryption, and encryption over untrusted networks or segments out of your control, such as the Internet or an MPLS network.

Certes also offers the unique CEP5 product line. All Certes data encryption appliances support Certes’ groundbreaking CryptoFlow tunnel-less VPN technology, for flow-through security policy and group key management.

Virtual Certes Enforcement Point (vCEP)

The vCEP is the industry’s first virtual encryptor that protects enterprise data traffic in Cloud and virtual environments. Based on Certes networks’ award-winning CryptoFlow technology, the vCEP is compatible with VMware vSphere, ESX/ESXi or KVM hypervisors. The vCEP also can be deployed as a traffic encryptor in Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) deployments.

The vCEP provides data confidentiality and traffic integrity checking for sensitive data in motion across any network infrastructure. The solution permits the enterprise data owner to manage encryption keys and define and enforce encryption policies. Keys and policies are never exposed to the infrastructure or service provider.

The vCEP uses proven Certes CryptoFlow Net group encryption technology to provide scalable network encryption without tunnels.